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November 25, 2020
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Some Of The Benefits Of Lightweight Sleeping Bags

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It used to be that sleeping bags were heavy and bulky. They took up a lot of room, and if you were camping in cold weather, you would probably need a few extra blankets just to make sure. Now that has all changed with the newer lightweight sleeping bags. Don't let the name, lightweight fool you. Some of these sleeping bags will keep you warm at minus forty degrees. The inner materials are super lightweight, and can be compressed down to almost nothing. The outer materials, on the outside have a weather resistant breathable coating; the inside will still keep you comfortable. Because of their tapered design, rolling them up tightly is easy, and many come with their own drawstring bags.

Because these lightweight sleeping bags are able to compress into small sizes, you can bring them just about anywhere and they don't take up a lot of space. Some of the carry bags even have compression straps for you pack, allowing you to have more room for other essentials. You can also hike or camp in more high country or colder situations, without compromising comfort.

Many of these lightweight sleeping bags are cheap, but are well worth the extra money. Cost is really going to depend on the quality, and what the temperature rating is. The lower the temperature it can withstand, the more money you are going to spend. This is something to think about before buying these. While most people won't be taking any family outings the Mount Everest, there are going to be times when the temperature in the mountains can drop significantly. Having a bag rated to zero degrees is good, and there are some really good ones that are rated to freezing, for under a hundred dollars.

Having a lightweight bag can actually save your life. Because of their lightweight design, they can be put in a corner of your trunk or back of your vehicle, and can be used in case of a roadside emergency. If it is winter, having a good sleeping bag just stowed away can mean the difference between life and death.

Another benefit of having lightweight sleeping bags is that if something happens, and your bags get wet, the materials will dry out quickly and easily, unlike those old bags with canvas or cloth on the outside, and wool or other fabrics on the inside. This means that if your bag gets wet, it may only take an hour to dry, as opposed to wasting half the day waiting for your bag to dry.

There are a number of different lightweight sleeping bags available, but your best bet when it comes to shopping for quality bags is the go online. Here you will find the best selection, a wider variety, as well as the best prices. One of these that is rated for fifty degrees is the Chinook ThermoPalm Sleeping Bag. This is a mummy style sleeping bag, available in blue. It comes with one layer of insulating materials, with a nylon taffeta outer shell. It comes with a four-way compression stuff sack, and costs just around fifty-five dollars.


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