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September 27, 2020
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A Battery Camping Lantern Makes Sense

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When people go camping it's important that they have all the right equipment. Everyone thinks about their tents and sleeping bags, but most people don't put as much thought into what kind of camping lanterns they are going to take. There are several choices. There are lanterns that use propane, kerosene or batteries.

While propane and kerosene lanterns both give off a good amount of light, they can be difficult to deal with. The camper needs to make sure that they have enough fuel for them. The fuel requires special storage needs, and it's hard to keep it around for emergencies around the home. But with a battery camping lantern none of that is a problem.

The battery lanterns come in a range of sizes. It's possible to find them small enough that they only need one AAA battery to run. A lantern that small is more like a nightlight than it is a true camping lantern. The larger camping lanterns usually use D batteries, or one of the big 9 or 12 volt batteries that are specially made for battery lanterns.

There are a lot of reasons that a battery camping lantern is the best kind of lantern to have, either for a camping trip or for an emergency light source. One reason is that they are much easier to deal with. There is no worrying about fuel and fuel spills. When it needs more power just add in a new battery and it is ready to go. Battery operated lanterns don't need to be constantly monitored because they don't cause a fire risk. They also don't get so hot that a person could burn themselves on one. This means that they are safe for kids to carry and use. They can also be taken into tents without the risk of fire.

Today's battery operated camping lanterns are likely to have LED bulbs in them. A battery camping lantern with LED bulbs is the best choice for many reasons. One is that the bulbs last much longer than the regular bulbs do. LEDs can last into the thousands of hours. They also use less battery power, so they stretch the life of the batteries, saving money. The best reason is the light that they give out. LED lanterns provide a bight, clear, white light. It is brighter than an equivalent incandescent light would be, for less energy. Most LED lanterns also have the choice of different light settings, as well as a strobe and possibly a red choice too.

A battery camping lantern is good for more than just camping. They are great for emergency situations and power outages. Since they run on batteries, it is easy to stockpile batteries for those situations.

It doesn't matter if it is a camping trip or preparation for a storm, buying a battery camping lantern is a good choice.


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