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September 13, 2020
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10 Advantages of Hennessy Camping Hammocks

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Hennessy camping hammocks are a great alternative to using a regular tent while camping. Here are ten features of a Hennessy that really give them an advantage over other camping hammocks and traditional tents. Many of their features are also patented, such as the first five features listed below.
  1. They are easy to get in an out of through a bottom flap. You just duck your head and walk into the middle of the camping hammock, you turn around and sit down, lay back and lift your feet and the entrance snaps closed beneath you.
  2. It has a unique asymmetrical shape. Hennessy discovered that most people like lying diagonal on a hammock because it gives maximum comfort. So they developed some of their hammocks with a diagonal axis, they call this the "A-sym". The left side anchor point is moved up by your shoulder and the right anchor point of the hammock is by your knee. This makes the hammock feel longer and makes it wider in the middle.
  3. It has a "snap tight" zipperless closure that uses your body weight to automatically snap closed behind you when you lay down. Some of the Hennessy camping hammocks has velcro to fully seal the closure, so no worries when moving around while you sleep.
  4. Hennessy hammocks have a "never-tip" center balance design. Let's face it, the most nerve wracking experience about a hammock is feeling like you are going to flip over when you try to get on. With the center enter through the bottom, this feeling is eliminated. The fist time I used a Hennessy, I was very pleased with this feature, I never felt like I was going to tip over.
  5. It is made with a "perfect set" comfort curve, meaning that the hammock maintains the same comfortable shape during each use and it keeps you back straight when lying on the diagonal.
  6. Windproof. Both the mesh and other material deflects the wind, making the inside the calm in the storm.
  7. Hennessy camping hammocks are waterproof. All hammocks come with a waterproof rain-fly that can be tilted to any angle for rain run off or wind conditions, it can be rolled up above the hammock when not in use, it may be completely removed or you can use it on its own.
  8. All Hennessy hammocks have large no-see-um netting that keep the bugs out while allowing air to flow through the hammock, also great for star gazing at night! Not only that, the unique flap design, when properly used and sealed, keeps bugs from getting into the hammock at night when you are sleeping, or during the day when you are away from camp.
  9. Hennessy camping hammocks have nylon webbing straps to protect tree bark when it is set up, plus it provides a greater span for the ropes.
  10. All but the smallest and lightest Hennessy camping hammocks have a triangular mesh gear pocket, glove hooks and carabiner loops. The pocket is perfect for keeping the small things safe, such as your wallet, keys or a small flashlight. You can use the loops and a carabiner to attach such things as a water bottle or a day pack. These are very handy, and something I really like about Hennessy camping hammocks.
There may be other camping hammocks available on the market, but none of them come close to offering all that Hennessy has to offer. And with patents on many of their prime design features, it is no wonder that they have the corner on the market of outstanding camping hammocks.


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